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I created and  launched NautiGirl at the Seattle Boat Show in 2008, in honor of women in the boating industry. At the time I was the owner of a yacht charter company, and I had met many women with a sense of adventure and love of the sea in their veins. I created the brand to represent them – fun, smart . capable but not afraid to show their flirty side. Recently I’ve won a major battle with a global company over my trademark and I’m reinvigorated to build my brand. I fought for the principle of what Nautigirl represents – it is for those who want to get behind the helm of their life and steer it towards success while having fun along the way! I believe that inside every woman is a Nautigirl or one waiting to emerge.

We have built  a loyal following, but if you are new to the brand know that  we are committed to growing the brand one satisfied customer at a time with quality products and awesome customer service. We are happy to exchange or refund any product for any reason.  Are you a Nautigirl?

Christine Palmerton


We are located in Bellingham, WA


Phone: 360-815-2688


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